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The transformation to a Trauma Informed Lancashire

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It takes time for organisations to become fully trauma informed. Organisations typically travel through four stages from becoming aware to sensitive, then responsive and finally informed.

Trauma aware is when we start to recognise trauma around us. We start to see the effects of trauma in those to whom we provide a public service, our colleagues, and people in our communities. Recognising trauma is the first step in working to keep people safe and helping them to create a safe and positive future.

Trauma sensitive is when we start to see trauma, recognise trauma, and understand that a different response or approach is needed for those affected. We start to build our knowledge and understanding and start to look at processes that recognise trauma and what an infrastructure that supports staff and allows trauma informed practice to take place looks like.

When we are trauma responsive, we react to people who may have experienced trauma differently to before. We review our organisation’s policies and procedures so that they recognise trauma and mandate that our response is based on what we know about trauma. Our approach to trauma sits as a thread equal to equality through everything we do.

As a trauma informed organisation, we are now proudly walking the talk. We continue to develop, reflecting on what we are doing so that we can improve as a constantly learning organisation.

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