Trauma Informed Lancashire Hits Milestone Achievement


The Violence Reduction Network (VRN) has continued to deliver Trauma Informed workshops to professionals working across social care, education, police, health, prisons and other public sector organisations.  

We are now proud to say that over 10,000 of you have attended one of our basic awareness workshops. The majority of the awareness sessions have been ‘face to face’, to minimise the risk of re-traumatisation.  

Professionals that have attended one of our workshops have learnt about the importance of early years in a child’s development and how experiences such as exposure to domestic violence, neglect or abuse can influence the way a person behaves in later life.  

Superintendent and Trauma Informed Lancashire Lead, Justin Srivastava, celebrated the milestone, saying: “It is important that we understand how trauma and adverse childhood experiences can impact us for our whole lives, whether we are one or one hundred. When we look at the past experiences of young people who end up in the criminal justice system, a significant number of them have had a childhood that has featured violence, drugs, alcohol abuse or other adverse experiences.” 

“We can all help protect our young people suffering from trauma by working in a trauma informed way. If everyone that has attended one of our workshops embeds trauma informed practice across their organisation, we will be helping people live healthier crime-free lives. This is the right thing to do for the individual and our communities and is a great way for prevention and enforcement to work alongside each other.” 

Evidence from post-training evaluations suggests that these sessions have led to individuals changing the way they think about interactions with clients, patients, pupils and families they work with. 


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Trauma Informed Lancashire Hits Milestone Achievement
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