Over 6,000 professionals across Lancashire have received Trauma Informed Awareness training


Over 6,000 professionals working across social care, education, police, health, and other public sector organisations have now attended a Trauma Informed Awareness workshop with the Lancashire Violence Reduction Network (LVRN).

The LVRN recognised the importance of a Trauma Informed Lancashire and are leading on a specialist training programme aimed at supporting a wide range of professionals working with vulnerable children and young people in Lancashire.

Supt Justin Srivastava, Trauma Informed Lancashire Lead at LVRN said:

“This is a huge achievement. To see people from across the whole of Lancashire coming together and working in partnership to embrace the concept of a Trauma Informed County is extremely empowering.

The main aim of these workshops is to educate individuals to understand and be more aware of the trauma people may have experienced, and by making this a multi-agency approach, we hope that people have a more positive experience both in terms of interactions with services and in those services being structured to deal with their needs. It is fundamental that organisations and individuals who work with young people understand the impact that trauma can have.

These workshops are proving to be a great tool as part of a wider project to help reduce violence among our young people in Lancashire.”

The workshops are designed to inform front-line practitioners about childhood adversity and trauma and how it can affect an individual across their life-course, including an increased future likelihood of involvement in violence.

Individuals attending the workshops will also be guided on how to develop their approach and skills so that they are in a strong position to prevent the potentially negative impact of trauma on people’s lives.

A social worker commented on the basic awareness training they received:

“An informative and interactive training session, which encouraged lots of discussions and debates. It made me reflect on my own practice and experiences. The training provides various ways of learning and improved my overall understanding around trauma.”

An NHS nurse who attended the workshop said:

“A really enjoyable session. The trainers were excellent and very approachable, I feel confident to deal with trauma and sport behaviour that may present as a result.”

LVRN currently have several more sessions planned over the coming months to continue educating people on the benefits of trauma informed care.

If you are interested in starting your trauma informed journey, LVRN basic awareness workshops can be booked via Eventbrite: Trauma Informed Lancashire Basic Awareness – Multi Agency Partnership Staff Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite


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Over 6,000 professionals across Lancashire have received Trauma Informed Awareness training
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