Lancashire Violence Reduction Network encourages organisations to be more ‘trauma informed’

The Violence Reduction Network (VRN) has been working with partner agencies across the county to help Lancashire culturally adopt trauma informed practices.  

A trauma informed approach focuses on what has happened to the person, rather than what is wrong with them.  

The Trauma Informed Lancashire programme has been running for 3 years now and highlights the potential negative impact of trauma as a result of adverse childhood experiences.  

The latest phase of this programme has been the launch of a new video which depicts the importance of trauma informed practices and the impact it can and will have on Lancashire as a community. Speaking to youth workers, health practitioners, police officers and other organisations, the video shows how widely the impact this training can have.  

The video ends with a series of pledges from statutory organisations who have signed up to making Trauma Informed Lancashire a reality.  

The Trauma Informed Lancashire film is part of a larger trauma informed training programme that is being funded through a grant from the Home Office and being led by the Lancashire Violence Reduction Network.  

Superintendent and Trauma Informed Lead, Justin Srivastava said: “It is important that as many people as possible understand how trauma can impact our whole lives.  

When we look at the past experiences of young people involved in serious violence, a considerable number have faced adverse experiences in their childhood. By embedding trauma informed practice across all public services, we hope to reduce the risk of our young people being involved in crime and create a safer, healthier county for everyone.”


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Lancashire Violence Reduction Network encourages organisations to be more ‘trauma informed’
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