Trauma Informed Lancashire

Trauma Informed Lancashire is a movement supporting public, private and third sector organisations and communities in understanding how psychological trauma can impact individuals and considering implications for their services.

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What is Trauma Informed?

Trauma is a global public health crisis according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and is a concern for everyone.

Being a Trauma Informed county requires everyone to understand that different life experiences shape the options available to us and our way of being and can use this understanding to influence our interactions and decisions in work and daily life.

For leaders

Organisation leaders can shape culture and services to become more sensitive to trauma and support staff and those who come into contact with your services.

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For practitioners

Becoming more aware of trauma can help practitioners to spot the signs of trauma and improve service engagement and outcomes.

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The 4 steps of Trauma

It takes time, cultural shift and resources for organisations to become fully trauma informed. Organisations typically travel through four steps from becoming aware to sensitive, then responsive and finally trauma informed. It’s a journey that is ongoing but benefits everyone.

Our pledgers

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Trauma Informed Lancashire workshops

A range of workshops for leaders, practitioners and in-house trainers are available to support organisations in becoming trauma informed. Find out more below.
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